Month: July 2019

Is seawater good for your skin?

Summer is finally here. It seems like everyone is at the beach enjoying every second of the sun. For those of you that love going into the water – you might have a couple of questions. Is it good for the skin? I know I was wondering for the longest if salt water had some benefits for the skin.
It’s so fun to be in the water, swim and play water sports – if it is possible to have radiant skin while having so much fun would be amazing, right? Well, it turns out that it’s actually quite possible. In fact, saltwater can do wonders for your skin. According to Women’s Health sea water has the same minerals and nutrients as our bodies which means that water naturally restores the skin.
Seawater can even treat acne. It kills bacteria, has healing properties, helps level the pH, it’s rich in minerals, it helps with circulation. Seawater is packed with magnesium which hydrates your skin and will improve its appearance.
If you ever get the chance of going to the Dead Sea your skin will thank you. The water there will help you with eczema, acne, psoriasis and other similar skin conditions. A lot of skin care products contain an extract from the Dead Sea.
All of the benefits from the water actually don’t come only from the salt. They come from high levels of magnesium.