Do you burn calories while you are cleaning?

Believe it or not, you can burn some calories while being useful and taking care of your home and its clean state – not only will you have a fit body but your home will be clean.

Replace some of the exercises that you do in the gym with cleaning your house or overall taking care of the inside and outside of your home. Not only cleaning will ensure you to burn calories – cooking, painting, cleaning snow, mowing the lawn, etc. will do the same.

Check out the list I have put together for you and start doing things around your house more often.

– Cleaning your floors

And more specifically, either vacuuming, mopping or sweeping. All of these activities will ensure you to burn at least 240 calories per hour. Cleaning your floors is a great workout and you should do it more often. Not only will you get rid of the dirt and bacteria but you will exercise your muscles.

– Painting

Get your painting brushes out because painting will make you lose at least 290 calories per hour. You most likely have a room in your house that you want to repaint but you postpone it for months now. This activity will both exercise your leg and arm muscles and it’s very good for your health – so get started.

– Cleaning snow

Shoveling snow and cleaning your driveway is an excellent exercise that will burn around 415 calories per hour.

– Cooking

Yes, in contrast with the thing that eating makes you do – gain weight and consume calories, cooking actually burns calories. You can burn around 150 calories per hour – and even more, depending on what you are cooking and how much movement and have.

– Mowing your lawn

Just like shoveling snow, mowing a lawn is a huge exercise and will burn a lot of calories – around 325 calories per hour. You should use a manual or a push mower for the best results.