The best way to lose weight: the battle between diet and exercise

The battle between diet and exercise seems to be endless and everyone has a different opinion on exactly which way is more effective to lose weight.

Without a doubt, both of these methods work but one of them is a lot more effective and important as the other one.

I have one advice for everyone trying to lose weight – focus on the food you are consuming. This is the key.

Of course, I am not the only one saying this – doctors have always emphasized the importance of dieting. Don’t pay that much attention to the message of ‘‘burning fat and going to the gym’’ that seems to be everywhere. The first thing you need to fix is your diet and everything else comes after that. Research actually shows that people who worked out 30 minutes a day without paying attention to what they eat gained weight instead of losing it.

It’s easy to avoid calories

Can you agree with me on this? It is far easier to avoid consuming calories that it is to burn them at the gym. You would need a lot of time and energy to burn the calories from a burger and fries and are close to your needed daily 2,000 calories consumption alone.

It’s practically impossible to burn calories from fast food and junk food so you should aim to avoid it in the first place. So yes, you can not out-exercise a bad diet.

There are some simple thing you need to pay attention to like portion size, healthy foods, foods high in calories.

Your muscles weight a lot

Yes, this is true. But believe me, this is not an excuse for weight gain. Especially if you have been going to the gym and you see no results. In this case, your diet is the reason.

This does not mean to starve

Do not even think about starving yourself. This won’t work as well and at the end of the day, it might be a huge risk for your health. We are talking about the healthiest way to lose weight that is good for your body. And a nice diet combined with exercise from times to times is the way to go.